Valentines day tracks

Hello and Happy Valentines Day to all you people out there on the cyber-webs! Whether you’re single, married, dating, or in one of those crazy Sammi/Ronnie relationships, I hope you took this as a day to celebrate the ones you love.

I took this day to celebrate the one prized possession my heart truly desires.. MUSIC!

And lucky for me, that in honor of this thoughtful, yet carefully crafted hallmark holiday many artists released some songs dedicated to one major theme: Love. Here’s a few of my favorites from through-out the day.

“Praying” – Charlie Kim ft. K.Raydio

Slow jam filled with soulful thoughts and a heart-breakingly beautiful beat.

\”Prayin\” Charlie Kim ft. K.Raydio

“Packing Up” Grieves and Budo

Incredibly cute song and video that screams “Love me!” from the inner-dork in us all.

“Love with Love” – Witness

This poetically painful song is sure to hit home for some people today.

“A Soulcrate Valentine” – Soulcrate

Funny guys from the middle of nowhere (literally nowhere, they’re from South Dakota) dropped this Valentines Day parody song a few days early but by far one of the most light hearted songs about the heart.


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