March Update

What up y’all? Sorry it’s been a minute, this week has been insaaaane! But within this week of insanity I’ve had the pleasure of attending some fantastic shows! For anyone who knows anything about hip-hop in the Twin Cities area, I’m sure you heard Prof was here on Friday on the second stop of his “Look out tour” with Steddy P. The Crest, Mike The Martyr, and St. Paul Slim also showed up for some great sets. First time I have seen Steddy P or The Crest live. Soooo good. If you haven’t heard of Steddy P you can get a feel for him right here:

Like what you see? Download his mixtape “While you were sleeping” here

Check out The Crest here:

Stay connected with them here

Keep an eye on Mike the Martyr.. him and Long D.O.E. are doing big things:

Keep in touch with Mike the Martyr here

Prof also released some new songs just for the live crowd.. but I’ll share those with you guys when he drops his album 😉 (it’s coming soon don’t worry..) watch this Prof video for now to tide you over:

Big shout out to Stophouse for being such awesome guys! cough::MikeCambellandAndrewHunkle::cough

Along with the amazing Prof show, I got to attend a more intimate triple CD release party hosted by Urban Home Companion. All 3 awesome artists (Don Royal, K.Raydio, and Homeless Ryan K) dropped brand new projects and I’ve got the links for anyone who wants to take a listen!

K.Raydio’s second installment of “Significant (Other)” is amazing. Wasn’t sure she could top part one, but I was proved wrong.

Don Royal dug deep into his creative side for his new release “Ink Splattered Dreams”. You can tell he put lots of thought into this one.



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