So Atmosphere is getting ready to release “The Family Sign” on April 12th, 2011 and in order to get all the fans excited, they’ve dropped a few teasers for y’all. A couple weeks ago they leaked “Just for show”, their first single off the new album. About a week ago they put out the music video for it, check it out here:

Than just yesterday Spin Magazine leaked their latest single “She’s enough”, peep it from the Rhymesayers Soundcloud below:

Also, their doing a video series titled “Dr. Ralph Borka Group & Family Therapy” watch below:

Make sure you pick up a copy of their new release, you can ever pre-order a copy from Fifth Element Here


3 thoughts on “Atmosphere!

  1. I’m not a huge fan of hip hop or rap, but Atmosphere gets props. There have been many things in the local rock scene to be disenchanted with in the last several years, but the same can’t be said of the hip hop scene. The community has it going on.

    Oh, and uh, that dog is righteous. 😉

  2. Atmosphere does a fantastic job fusing Hip Hop and Rock together, especially with their latest stuff. The Minnesota Hip Hop music scene is thriving right now, and I have a good feeling we will be the next Chicago as far as that goes. I feel bad for the poor puppy 😦


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