Greg Grease releases new mixtape “The Giving Tree”

Recently Greg Grease sent over his new mixtape “The Giving Tree” along with a press release:

Peace to all my people,
The Giving Tree is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Growing up that was one of my favorite books for several different reasons, so when I began making this project I thought I’d channel that feeling I had when I was a young kid running amuck in the southside. Throughout the past year I’ve had crazy fun waggin out making this tape with my friends and family. I’d like to share my journey through that through several different forms. So enclosed in The Giving Tree is 16 tracks of audio reflections as well as several pictures of my year. I hope you enjoy The Giving Tree and much as I enjoyed creating it and share it with your friends family ect.
Peace and I appreciate your time
Greg Grease
You can download The Giving Tree here
You can stream The Giving Tree here:

Keep updated with Greg Grease at his River Life website


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