Zachary Chazin, an interview with a man pioneering his way into the music industry.

If you haven’t heard Zachary Chazins name, you’re probably someone who stays in on the weekends. Him and his company Chazin Entertainment, have been up and running for a little over a year and have thrown some of the sickest parties in Minneapolis and California in that time frame. He is a thinker, a do-er, a pioneer, and also sent this while laying on a beach in Miami. Read and get to know him, because eventually you’ll be at one of his shows, or listening to one of his artists thinking “damn”.


1. How did you get involved in the hip-hop scene?

ZC: It all started out a couple years back, when a group of friends of mine started a rap group, I acted as there manager/PR and booking agent. I got them opening slots on every major national headline that came into the city, and after a year of working with promoters to get them on shows, I saw allot of bad things and shortcomings in the concerts, for example. People would book acts as hosts and promote it as a show so they could get the artist for half price, but the show would only be like 5 songs, so I decided I would cut out the middle man and start throwing my own shows so I could put my artists on the support bill and do everything in house…and vwalla Chazin Ent was born!

2. Who is your inspiration?

ZC: My inspiration is a guy by the name of “jerry weintraub” google him, he is a guy who came from the slums of brooklyn and changed the music industry as we see it now. He found such major acts as frank sinatra and led zeppelin, he put elvis on a national tour. He then moved to film and produced the oceans 11,12 and 13. He is my hero.

3. How and why did you decide to start up Chazin Ent?

ZC: Chazin ent was mainly started so I could promote the artists I manage in front of there target market, but after this last year its turned into its own monster. Now chazin ent has birthed a record label “wreckshop records” a clothing line “for the love clothing” and a production studio in minneapolis, los angeles and new york city. Its becoming a machine.

4. Who’s all involved with your upcoming powerhouse label?

ZC: CE started with allot of artists. But now with wreckshop records I have “cut the grass” so to speak. So the pretty flowers have enough spotlight to grow, if you will.

Right now on wreckshop records I have: villa rosa which is a project maria isa and muja messiah have started. Kids like us which is a group of 4 18 year old kids that have incredible talent and drive. Beaker who is a 18 year old producer that in my eyes is going to be the next skrillex or david guetta. Ayden who is a true underground hip hop type cat with mad flow.

5.  Why did you chose to sign the acts you did to your label?

ZC: I chose these acts because I love there music and I believe in them, talent is a horrible thing to waste. My goal is to bring the above said artists to the forefront of the music industry, a big goal yes I the moon alice!!!

6. You’ve thrown some successful shows in the past year, which one was your favorite? Any crazy stories?

ZC: Oh man, I did 15 shows in 2011 and there was some crazy shit that went down with all of them. 2 shows stick out tho, the last show I did before I left to los angeles was with a dubstep producer by the name of marty party, he is 1/2 of the group called PANTyRAiD, that show was mental not only cuz I love dubstep but my cousin that lives in new york who is also my partner and runs CE NY flew in to open for him, and 2 min before marty was supposed to go onstage I couldn’t find him anywhere and I was freaking out because his phone was off, and then I heard this knocking and pounding coming from the fire escape door backstage, he was locked in the fire escape with like 8 girls and they were smoking a blunt and got trapped in the fire escape. Haha

The second one was the dj abilities and binary star show I did in hollywood. It was the first show I did in california and it was at the iconic viper room, johnny depp owns it and that’s were river phoenix overdosed and died. I packed the place out and it was a great night.

7. Who do you someday dream of working with?

ZC: I would love love love love love to do shows with thievery corporation, slightly stoopid and sublime with rome…some day it will happen…baby steps

8. Tell me a little about your new gig, at Club 333Live in LA

ZC: Meh, I run the largest nightclub in los angeles. Its whatever really, when I came out to cali I wanted to get into the music biz..not so much the nightlife.. but its cool for now. Its a cool spot tho, 3 rooms, 2 levels, monster sound and light setup, the place is massive, it spans 55k square feet. Super cool venue.

9. Is it safe to call you a mogul?

ZC: A mogul is an empire, I still have a very very very long way to go go before I reach that status. I prefer, pioneer.

10. What are your plans for the future?

ZC: My plans for the future? I would like to see all my artists on national tours. Selling millions of units meanwhile im traveling the world approving deals from my phone, lol.

11. What’s your advice to younger kids just coming up in the local scene?

ZC: My advice it to do it live, make tracks and give them out for free. No one is buying music and the only way to get fans is to put it in there hands for free. The industry is fucked up but if you love making music then money should be secondary, just keep doing what you love doing and the rest will follow.

12. Thanks for your time! When are the next shows and how can we keep in contact?

ZC: Im working on a couple big joints in los angeles and minneapolis, I can’t speak about them at this time but you can keep up on all the shows at

Also keep up with all his projects on facebook:

Chazin Ent 

333 Live

Wreckshop Records


2 thoughts on “Zachary Chazin, an interview with a man pioneering his way into the music industry.

  1. I am honored to be part of the Chazin Entertainment team, I’ve known Zack since we were little kids running around at summer camp and our parents were friends long before we were born. The ambition and drive of this guy is insane. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy.


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