The interview with the biggest Nobuddie you’ll ever hear.

Don’t let the title fool you, Nobuddie is definitely not a nobody. He’s currently spawning into a Minnesota mainstay with a growing following, much like a young Prof. He’s been very active in the local show scene, performing with the likes of Joell Ortiz, Mac Lethal (multiple times), Culture Cry Wolf, St. Paul Slim, Face Candy, Long D.O.E., Ernest Rhodes, B.Dolan, Guante, Ecid, BK One, Mr. Dibbs, and countless others. His live shows are great, his charisma flies right off the stage and demands your attention. He took some time out of his busy schedule, following his first headlining show at 7th St. entry to do an interview for uglegends. Read a little more about the man behind the glasses who has enough audacity to call himself Nobuddie right here:

UG: When did your love of hip-hop begin to manifest?
NB: I was a late bloomer, Hip hop really didn’t come into my life until I was 21. I’ll never forget it, it started in the funeral home in Babitt, Mn after my Grandmas funeral. I went downstairs by myself and started writing. Haven’t stopped sense.
UG: Who were your biggest influences while growing up?
NB: My Grandma, Kevin Garnett, Eminem
UG: You have a song called “Born and raised in Minnesota“, What city were you raised in?  How is the hip hop community there?
NB: Maple Grove, MN. 20 minutes west of Minneapolis. When I started hip hop I was living in dinky town. The Minneapolis hip hop scene is like no other. If you can “make it” out of there with the strong competition of artists you’ll be just fine.
UG: How did you come up with your name, Nobuddie?
NB: The name Nobuddie actually has 2 meanings behind it. I started as Unique and was in a group called The Nobuddies which consisted of Unique B Mc-c and Nimo the Hooligan. Nimo actually came up with the name I came up with the spelling. When I moved to AZ I dropped THE and the S and the name Nobuddie was born. I felt it was perfect for me since I was living in AZ not knowing any “buddie” other than a friends sister who i barely know. Just to make it clear since Facebook screws it up lol Nobuddie is one word!!!
UG: One thing you want to accomplish before you die?
NB: I want to do a song with Slug. Even if it’s never heard or used for anything. Reason behind that is after my Grandma passed I was introduced to Atmosphere’s music. It really grabbed a hold of me. I think I went a full year having nothing but Atmosphere playing in my car. I feel Slug is on some genius shit the way he writes stories. Its true inspiration. 
UG: You just played a near sold out show at the legendary 7th st entry, and brought your parents up on stage how did that go?
NB: My first headlining show and performance at 7th St Entry was truly amazing. It was cool to see artists like Out of Bounds, Ecid and St Paul Slim come out and support. My parents came on stage during my last song and danced for the crowd. It meant a lot to me it was the 4th show my parents have been to in 6 years. It was the coldest night of the year and still managed an amazing turnout!! A night i will never forget.
UG: How are they handling your local celebrity status?
NB: I think my parents are finally starting to realize I might have something going here and they can either support it or not but they will not be able to hide from it. Haha.
UG: What are your hobbies besides creating music?
NB: I’m a pet nerd. I have a weakness for dogs as well as salt water fish.
UG: Do you have any projects coming out soon?
NB: I always have a million things I want to put out but can never find ways to fund it however I will have a few things coming out in 2012.
UG: What’s your advice for younger kids, just getting into the hip-hop scene?
NB: Don’t rush it and if your under 18 work hard on your craft. The scene isn’t going anywhere. If you work hard on your craft you will be noticed!! Dreams never sleep if “music” is what you want than go get it. Don’t expect anyone to hand it to you!!! Everyone’s a rapper or DJ these days!! Prove why your better. Its a long road I’ve been doing it for 6 years and haven’t even scrapped the service in my eyes yet!!!!
Stay connected w/Nobuddie on Twitter, Facebook, and Soundcloud (there are some free downloads too)!

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