The Interview With Botzy: An Artists Artist.

Adam Botsford is a man better known around Minneapolis as Botzy, the fun-loving rapper whom also happens to be 1/6th of the local beloved band Culture Cry Wolf. He has made his presence known around the city both as a solo artist, and with the band. It seems to be that anything Botzy gets his hands on becomes infected with his artistry, which is nothing short of ingenious. He holds true to the lifestyle of a creative musician and embodies it in an appealing, friendly and honest way. Many times in the music industry artists tend to believe they’re larger than life, but I am confident Botzy will never be one of them. He’s humble, he’s original, he’s quick-witted and here’s what he had to say:

UG: How long were you rapping before joining the super group Culture Cry Wolf?

B: I was rapping for roughly 3 years before starting Culture Cry Wolf. During those years I was doing a lot of observing, learning, and polishing. I probably created 100+ half-finished songs during that phase, and rocked just as many empty shows. Training day(s).

UG: When did your independent label Deaf To the Static Records form? Who else helped bring the dream to a reality?

B: Deaf to the Static Records formed during a very interesting time period of my life. I was fresh in the middle of loss and drama, and tired of offering up my energy to these things. The name itself will forever remind me of that. I had a strong team behind me, and still do. People like Crista Bell, Druby Soho and Wesley Opus were very helpful in my first few movements. Crista Bell often doesn’t get enough credit for her work, but she is directly responsible for many of my relationships in this scene, and almost all of my show execution.

I’m not sure what ( if anything ) will become of Deaf to the Static. For right now, it seems like a good umbrella for me and my friends.

UG: You’re a huge supporter of the artistic community here in the Twin Cities,. The way you utilize mixed arts into your shows is always a fresh and pleasant change-up from the usual. What is one of the most creative shows you’ve been a part of?

B: Why thank you! That’s a very good question, I have been a part of some very interesting shows. A few that come to mind: Minneapolis RAW ( Run by Molly Waseka ), The Best Love is Free, and The Celebration of Independent Music and Arts. These types of shows are my favorite, crossing the lines between different mediums of art. This city has so much talent, it seems a disservice not to pull them together.

UG: While we’re on the topic of awesome shows, I saw you’ve been billed to play at the Wag Out Block Party on July 22nd, featuring a laundry list of talented locals. Are you excited for that? Any other big shows coming up?

B: I am SO EXCITED to play this show! I have been aware of that part of the scene for a while now, but until recently our paths haven’t really crossed. People like Sophia Eris, Jason Anxious, Freeze, Mavin and Chantz … these people are infinitely talented and hard-working. I’m privileged to be building with them. I do have some other shows in the works, but I’m the most excited for this one. WAG!

UG: Let’s jump out of the music questions for a minute and ask what everyone is really dying to know, who’d you rather: Kat Von D or Melissa Joan Heart?

B: In a perfect world, I would climb up a ladder to Melissa Joan Heart’s bedroom and she’s already making out with Kat Von D. Boom-chicka-bow-ow ! 

UG: Back to the music, who’s your biggest motivator or inspiration when it comes to writing music?

B: I try to draw inspiration from a lot of different places, but Miss Amanda Lucia is my filter. I share most my ideas and concepts with her first, before anyone else. I also love how Matt Sandstedt ( I, Colossus ) writes lyrics and music. My friends are very inspiring.

UG: I’ve heard reputations that some guys in your band really love to party. Do you have any great tour stories to share that wouldn’t get anyone arrested?

B: Ha, it’s true! Mike and Jaime love to party … I think we have been kicked out of every hotel in Fargo. Details must be kept to a minimum though. Don’t want to hurt any feelings and wind up with a lawsuit.

UG: You’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with some of the greatest locals our era has had the pleasure to see and hear. Who are a few of your personal favorite artists you’ve got a chance to work with?

B: I was actually thinking about this the other day. I consider myself very lucky … the people who have offered their advice and suggestions is something I’m still shocked by. I have known most of the Doomtree kids for years now, and both Sims and P.O.S. have been very helpful in both music and life and the blurry line in between. The Stophouse crew has been nothing short of awesome … there is a lot of crossover in our social circle. Soulcrate Music, We All Have Hooks for Hands and Big Zach are also on the top of that list. I’m honored to know these amazing people.

UG: Will 2013 be the year Soundset finally features yourself, or the band? You guys are very overdue for it.

B: Man. I would absolutely love the play Soundset. I’m not sure if J Bird knows about Culture Cry Wolf, or if he thinks we would be a good fit, but it would be an honor. Someone tweet at him!! 

UG: What are the plans for the rest of the year, any releases or videos we should be on the lookout for?

B: Culture Cry Wolf is currently working on their new EP, produced entirely by Sapient. I’m working on my solo project in tandem, and there is also a top-secret project I’m keeping under (w)raps for now. Plenty coming out soon though, I pinky promise. Keep an eye out for Culture Cry Wolf’s new music video for “Second Wind” featuring Sims of Doomtree. It might be out sooner than you’d think.

UG: If you had one piece of advice for kids looking to grow within the musical and artistic community what would it be?

B: Don’t burn bridges. Don’t judge other people too harshly. Stay humble, stay working, and polish your craft. Smiles are way more awesome than stones.

UG: Last but not least, how can the rest of the interwebs stay in touch with Botzy?

B: Oh you know: or . Weoutchea.


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