-eGo Releases All Work No PlayMixtape Hosted by Leaders 1354’s Vic Lloyd.

Hailing from Chicago, eGo, a 20 year old rapper, writer, and singer allows listeners the chance to glance inside the capturing tales of his life as the mixtape, All Work No Play, demonstrates the artist’s versatility, punch line flow, and capturing lyrics. Lined up with 18 tracks, the mixtape features production by young Chicago talent that includes C-Sick and The OddCouple and Chicago singer Kam’ryne.  Try something new and press play on All Work No Play. Fuck with Me video coming soon.

Download eGo’s All Work No Play Mixtape hosted by Leaders 1354’s, Vic Lloyd.



Track List-

1. Ya Moment (Intro 1)

2. Light Work (Intro 2)

3. Last Thoughts

4. AnnaBelleLee Interlude

5. Spitta

6. Lights Please ft. Kam

7. Cold World

8. Hard #2

9. Dear Ex

10. Haters In Paris

11. Dry My Eyes

12. Trust Issues (Kam x eGo)

13. Spin Nat (Prod. C-Sick)

14. As Far (Prod. C-Sick)

15. Two Words 16. Fuck Wit Me (Prod. C-Sick)

17. The Journey ft. Kam (Prod. Odd Couple)

18. Cleaning Out My Closet


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If you would like more information about eGo  or desire to schedule an interview or book ashow, please contact eGo MANAGEMENT at expectgr8nessoften@gmail.com .


Lupe Fiasco has recently released the track listing for his upcoming album “Lasers”. This is his album that almost didn’t get released. This Chicago based artist has had his album done for over a year now and has been battaling with his record label Atlantic Records over whether or not to release this to the public. For the fans sake, it’s coming on March 8th! As a huge Lupe fan myself, I can say that hearing that this is actually coming out and hitting shelfs is a huge deal. If you’ve never heard any Lupe Fiasco you should definitely check him out. This album is going to be one of his greatest yet, following “The Cool” which was released a few years back and became an instant classic. Tracks like “Superstar” and “Hip hop has saved my life” garnered him major radio play, resulting in an ever growing fan base. The reason why I personally love Lupe Fiasco so much is, he’s not afraid to tell it like it really is.

Track listing for “Lasers”:

1. Letting Go (Feat. Sarah Green)

2. Words I Never Said (Feat. Skylar Grey)

3. Till I Get There

4. I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now (Feat. MDMA)

5. Out Of My Head (Feat. Trey Songz)

6. The Show Goes On

7. Beautiful Lasers, (Two Ways) (Feat. MDMA)

8. Coming up (Feat. MDMA)

9. State Run Radio (Feat. Matt Mahaffey)

10. Break The Chain (Feat. Eric Turner & Sway)

11. All Black Everything

12. Never Forget You (Feat. John Legend)

For more info on the album, or to order a presale copy of “Lasers” (The premium pack even includes limited edition items such as a T-shirt, a poster, and a sew on patch) go to his website here: Lupe Fiasco\’s Lasers

And if you are one of those people that have never heard him, here’s a great example of what an amazing artist he is: