Free music Friday!

Hello hello hello! Friday’s almost over so this post is kinda misleading.. Oh well. Enjoy the free music! Including leaks from the highly anticipated OnePlusOne album, an insanely good collaboration, a new video from an underground heavyweight and a new video from one of the next up!

OnePlusOne ft. Legend Has It & JL Magee – “Ice”

Homeless ft. G Dot, Prod. by Ganzobean – “The World Is In An Uproar, Ro, Ro, Roar”

Rocky Diamonds – “Blind Sex” (Download The Diamond Life)

Kelo ft. Ethio Boy – “Dreamin'”

New Music Video Monday!

I love Mondays for this reason only; artists tend to release their new stuff at the beginning of the working week which is good news for all fans who struggle throughout the days until the weekend breaks. Here’s a couple new videos from Soulcrate and from a SUPER mash up of talented artists. Enjoy!

Soulcrate – Click, Click, Follow, Follow-

B. Dolan, Toki Wright, Sage Francis, Jasiri X, and Buddy Peace – Film the Police-

Eclipse, DJ Mindcontrol, and Shells – Liberation Square

This is one of the coolest concepts for a song/video I’ve seen in a while. It’s all about the corruption going on in Egypt. If you haven’t heard anything about it check this video out or open a newspaper, it’s big news. Shout out to Eclipse spittin’ on the track and creating the video, DJ Mindcontrol doing scratches and production on the beat, Shells on the mixing and production and The Beast on guitar!

Minnesota Nice

To get everyone ready for their “Welcome Home Minnesota” tour, Atmosphere and invited guests Prof, Felipe Cuauhtli, and Mr. Gene Poole have released a collaboration song titled “Minnesota Nice”.

Personally, I love this song. It’s smooth and just feels like home.
Download/Listen here:
Minnesota Nice
And if you were lucky enough you got tickets early to the quickly sold old show hitting college towns all across Minnesota.