Nickelodeon Era Kids, This One is Dedicated to You.

If you grew up in the 90’s as a latchkey kid like myself, you probably learned vital life lessons from either TeenNick, Snick or any other various Nickelodeon programming blocks. Shows like Catdog and Pete and Pete taught us about the importance of friendship, while shows like Hey Arnold! and Rurgats taught us rights from wrongs. Ahh! Real Monsters showed us acceptance of all, and Doug gave us a moral compass that couldn’t steer us wrong. All That was the musical hub of Nickelodeon with a theme song from TLC and performances from everyone who was anyone in the 90’s. And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to shows.. There’s not a network out there like it’s kind during the time. This post is meant to sprinkle a little nostalgia into your hump-day, and make you remember simpler times when the big question was: who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda. Below are songs that have been remixed, remade, and freestyle with the topic of Nickelodeon nostalgia. Enjoy.

To kick it off, we have the original N-n-n-n-n-nii-niick-nick-nick-nickelodeon theme remixed:

“Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society” is the perfect way to start off an ode to the once beloved channel:

This video was probably part of the push that ended with Nickelodeon’s re-formatting of programs to include a block of 90’s era shows. And the mash-ups with the characters is pretty well done:

Guys from a Nickelodeon show freestyling (only reason I’m allowing this on here is because they name drop Minnesota):

This one probably includes the most references, definitely the most visual ones:

Auto-tuned hip-hip song about Timmy Turner and The Fairly Odd Parents:

This one was circulated quite a bit, but I really enjoy thinking of Chris Brown’s face as Spongebob’s:

A freestyle about Nickelodeon, A+ efforts for the use of Slime in this video:

Probably the most creative one I found, not sure why this or any of their videos don’t have more views. Homeless Heroes are a group that receive topics from viewers, than simultaneously (at least for the viewers-sake) rap about it/paint it. Very cool stuff, here was their tribute to Hey Arnold!:

One of the best theme songs for a TV show of all time:

Last but not least, the best theme song for a TV show of all time:


The best 14 Minnesota based free albums you may have missed.

With the easy accesibility to microphones, recording equipment and youtube, practically everyone is making some kind of music. This isn’t bound to the state of Minnesota, but recently it’s become a widely talked about topic here. It is tough to weed out the gems from the mediocre especially with new music being released daily. Here are a few albums that very talented artists whom call Minnesota have put out for free that you may have overlooked.

1. PROF – King Gampo

If you haven’t been living under a rock since early 2011, you’ve probably heard this album. But just in case you haven’t it features Rhymesayers staple Brother Ali, MTV’s Riff Raff and production from Ant of Atmosphere.


2. Reeves Junya – Music Is My Girlfriend

With features from Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover), Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, Rocky Diamonds and a slew of other great locals Reeves’ sophomore solo release followed up “Why Isn’t This An Album?” with fury. Download “Music Is My Girlfriend” for free here.


3. Kristoff Krane – fanfaronade

With a “Buy it now” price on his bandcamp you can feel free to pay as you like, or download it free. He recently did an interview with the City Pages Gimme Noise blog about the album. It features Crescent Moon, Sage Francis, Sadistik, Buck 65, Illogic, and more.


4. I Self Devine – LA State of Mind

Though the album is titled LA State of Mind, I Self Devine is a St. Paul, Minnesota native and one of the few well-known emcees from the east side of the river. This free ep was released for free courtesy of Rhymesayers in part as a promotional effort for his amazing album The Sound of Low Class Amerika.


5. KnoX – Martyr Music

KnoX is a humble dude, with a thoughtful process and his music reflects that. Martyr Music is the raw follow-up from his soul-driven KnoX Tale. It features Gene Poole,  Mike the Martyr, and many more.


6. Freez & Mike Frey/Mike Frey – You Are Here/Burnt Out

These are two people who are extremely underrated in the music scene. I’m really not sure why because Mike Frey is a great producer with beats ranging from funky, low-rider types to beautiful symphony infused jazz and Freez has a way with words and honesty with a powerful tone. “You Are Here” features P.O.S., Mike Mictlan, Mavin MC, Big Zach, Unicus, Alicia Steele and Franz Diego. “Burnt Out” includes features from Greg Greese, Alicia Steele, Just Nine, and a couple more tracks with Freez.


7. Ecid – Swagger Wagon

Swagger Wagon courtesy of Fill in the Breaks and Ecid was one of my favorite releases from FITB in 2011. It features Awol One, Derril Pounds and Leif(Kolt).


8. Mike the Martyr & Aquafresh – In Search of the Wonderous Punch

This comes from Minneapolis based label Long D.O.E. producer/emcee Mike the Martyr and California emcee Aquafresh. This album was featured on the Source’s website, which says a lot about it from the get-go. With the production quality and lyrical play they bring it makes sense why they were an obvious choice for the handful of Minnesota based acts at Soundset this year. Download “In Search of the Wonderous Punch” here.


9. O-Lay & Diatonic – Meanwhile

O-Lay & Diatonic are a group I heard about not too long ago, thanks to JK Clothing. What I heard I really enjoyed, and kept listening then they released this and now have a solidified fan. You can expect a lot more from these two in years to come.


10. Homeless – Patience Makes Lighter

The first time I saw Homeless was back in 2010 when he opened for Prof at the Varsity Theater with Just Riley as the group Mnemosyne. I really enjoyed his openness, self-depreciation, and vocabulary. This is an older release but definitely recommended for one of those dark, artsy, rainy days.


11. Botzy/VA – My Friends and I/The Best Love is Free Vol. 3

Botzy, who is the front man/rapper for the Minneapolis group Culture Cry Wolf proves to be an impressive one man act on his solo album “My Friends and I”. Like many other artists on this list Botzy is honest and not afraid to share how he’s feeling. His album features Wesley Opus, 2% Muck, a track with Culture Cry Wolf and many more. The Best Love is Free is an annual event held every year at The Fineline Music Cafe to celebrate love, music, art and all of the wonderful things life has to offer. Every year they bring great live acts out to perform and they also as a bonus, put together a musical compilation of artists with passion. The latest years album features St. Paul Slim/Last Triumph, Astronautalis with Tegan Quin (From Tegan and Sarah), Mayda, Polica, Wize Guyz, Sean Anon, Soulcrate Music, Kristoff Krane, Prof, MaLLy, Culture Cry Wolf and many more.


12. Orikal Uno – +1

This is one of many of Orikals free releases on his bandcamp page, and it was hard to choose which to post. I highly suggest checking out more of his stuff if you enjoy these tracks. Orikal Uno’s +1 album features Sab the Artist (A.K.A. Musab), Mac Lethal, and Prof.


13. Tavonte Woods – Patiently Waitin’

At the young age of 17 Tavonte Woods embodies drive and motivation. He recently performed with KiD InK and is scheduled to perform with Kirko Bangz this summer. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is Minnesota’s “Next Up”. Download “Patiently Waitin'” here. 


14. Duenday – Duenday

Duenday represents the sunny-side of hip-hop, with funky beats that force you to tap your toes and nod your head or command you to get up and dance. Their self titled solo album is currently available for free via their bandcamp site and it features Sean Anon, Lipset, Unicus, Manny Phesto, and Big Zach.

There are plenty other great albums out there I myself may have overlooked, if you feel that’s the case leave a suggestion in the comment section.

The Valentines Day list for lovers and bitter exes.

When it comes to the holiday of love it seems like musicians have a lot to say. Last year, I compiled a list of songs and videos artists released for Valentines day. This year it seems that everyone went through even more sh*t and made even more music. Some fell in love, some got over exes, and some were just plain bitter. Regardless of where you stand on the hallmark created lovefest, there’s something for you in this compilation. Enjoy, and please, don’t drunk dial tonight.


Brother Ali’s “Bite Marked Heart” Free EP



Estelle – “Thank You”


Ganzobean – “My Heart Is Yours”


The Weeknd – “Echoes of Silence“, “House of Balloons“, and “Thursday

(These are all older, but they are all perfect Valentines day soundtracks)



Phresh James – “Universal Lve Period



Too Short made a video for all those players out there who don’t know how to handle their multiple dates:


Radical Something – “Valentine (Cut Me Loose)”:

“Otis” freestyles

So, I’ve noticed a ridiculous amount remakes of Kanye West and Jay-Z’s “Otis”, some great, some horrible. Vote on your favorite or leave a comment on your thoughts below.

Riff Raff (you may have heard him on Prof’s “King Gampo” album”)

Justin Bieber (this isn’t a joke, and unfortunately, he’s better than I expected)

J.Cole (listen to the sideline story if you haven’t!)


Persia (she was on Vh1’s white rapper show)

Political Peak

Tinie Tempah

Busta Rhymes AND DMX (yes.)

Evan Lopez

Ne-Yo (he decided to rap)

2pac rose from the dead for this one!


Vote here:

Pale Kids Rapping fast

Speaking of Mac Lethal..
I’m sure many of you have seen the infamous George Watsky “Pale Kid Raps Fast” video somewhere by now. A couple other pale guys threw their hats in the rink and tried their version of rapping fast, faster, and even with asthma. Here’s all the big buzzed videos.

I’m curious to see who, you the people think, did the best job. Leave a comment if you’re listening.

Original – “Pale Kid Raps Fast” video by George Watsky:

“Pale Kid Raps Faster” – Mac Lethal:

“Pale Kid Raps Faster (With Asthma)” – Witness:

10 Minnesota Nice MC’s you’re (probably) sleeping on

I found this list thanks to, which they compiled. It’s a fantastic list of local Twin Cities artists whom have been working their asses off creating good music, and most people still don’t know about them. Their list goes as followed:

10. Culture Cry Wolf

9. Big Quarters

8. Guante & Big Cats

7. No Bird Sing


5. I Self Devine

4. St. Paul Slim

3. Sims (of Doomtree)

2. Bight Cub/Spyder Baybie Rawdog & 2% Muck

1. Kanser/More than Lights/Big Zach

Above Ground Magazines List

They also made a fantastic mixtape for free download featuring all these artists in case you wanna take a listen for yourself:

10 MN Nice MC\’s you\’re (probably) sleeping on mixtape