New Prof and Stophouse merchandise

I know this isn’t a download or video or anything like that (that will come later tonight) but Prof and the dudes over at Stophouse just publicly announced their new webstore where you can purchase brand new Prof t-shirts, a brand new sweatshirt from Holly Hoodz, and his past CD’s. Don’t wait until everything is sold out, because you will be one sad gampo. No one likes a sad gampo.

Ecid – 100 Smiles and Runnin’

Courtesy of Fill in the Breaks, crew member and dope MC Ecid is doing something special for the fans. For a limited time (until July 4th) you can download his album “100 Smiles and Runnin'” for free. You can also support him by purchasing the physical album along with a t-shirt, win-win if you ask me. Stream “100 Smiles and Runnin'” below and you can decide:

MaLLy ft. K.Raydio – Good One

Who said you can’t have your cake and it eat too? MaLLy begs that question with his new video which takes a creative look into what goes into being a rapper with growing potential.

This song is from his latest album “The Last Great” and features K.Raydio and production from The Sundance Kid.

You can buy a physical copy of “The Last Great” from Fifth Element. Or stream/download it here:

The interview with the man with plans to create a local media empire: JR from Last Triumph

Last Triumph is a Minneapolis based crew making successful and creative marketing moves. The sky is the limit for the man behind the scenes, JR. His hard work, smart career moves and carefully executed strategies are proving to pay-off. Learn a thing or two on stepping your business game up from a man living his dream.

UG: You are an entity the Twin Cities should be careful with. Tell us a little about yourself and the companies you work with, Last Triumph, Zivix and Savannah Street Music:

JR: Music and art was something that organically found me early on in life at about age 10. It was love at first sight, aww. I started being involved in the Twin Cities music scene at age 13. I was in a punk band called Cx18 with some neighborhood friends and started playing shows in different basements since we were too young to play at venues. I got into the business side and started printing T-shirts, stickers, CDs, etc. for our band and we started to generate some income.

Once I had a taste, there was no going back. I was addicted, obsessed and hooked…we’re still talking about music. 

From there I started to meet some industry people working in the scene. One of those people was Ben Obi of Savannah Street Music. He brought me in to do mixing and editing work on some big projects for a record label such as Universal.

I worked for free for many years until I started to get some good paying gigs. I hooked up with Zivix a small music innovation company in Minneapolis in 2009 and am still working there today. We nerd out everyday, its awesome. You can find our products on Nintendo Wii, PC, Xbox360, PS3, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Last Triumph is my crew. Together, we’ve done some amazing things and I’m excited for the future to see what we can do.

UG: TV licensing is an interesting line of work to get into, how did you decide upon that as a career?

JR: Obviously times have changed and the music industry is in a different place today. As an indie artist I’ve had to find ways to do music while still having food on the table. Records aren’t selling like they used to, so TV and video game licensing have been a good source of income. There is a lot you can do with a song besides selling it on iTunes.

UG: You also are a master at video game developing, what was the first one you ever helped create? Which one remains your favorite?

JR: Not a master just yet, but we are learning everyday. The first game I helped develop was called “JamParty –Be The Music” for PC, which then became “JamParty –Remixed” retail boxed version also for PC, and then finally our flagship version “JAM –Live Music Arcade” which we just released on Xbox360 and PS3. It all started in the back room at Zivix in downtown Minneapolis with different midi controllers and us basically geeking out with code and music stems. I’m really excited about our recent version of JAM, as it features many local and mainstream artists and it has an amazing experience at a great price point, (ONLY $9.99!). We’ve also created several mobile apps and an awesome music game on the Nintendo Wii called “Just Jam”. My favorite has to be JAM –Live Music Arcade, as it was a huge challenge to submit to Microsoft (Xbox) and Playstation, and we did it! 

UG: I understand that Last Triumph is your brainchild, how did you start it up and become involved in the local music scene?

JR: I just happened to be surrounded by a ton of extremely talented people, its extreme. I saw everyone trying to do everything themselves and so I thought why don’t we start a crew? This way we can all do our part individually to create something bigger. We call it Last Triumph.

UG: You’ve worked with a lot of cool people I’d imagine, who were some of your favorites and why?

JR: This is a tough question. It’s been awesome working with everyone over the years but I have 2 sessions that come to mind. Last year, I teamed up with one of my favorite producers of all time, Lance Conrad of Humans Win Recording studio in NE. We recorded with RCA artist Cory Chisel. We covered a Beatles song “Fixin a Hole” for the Minnesota Beatles project. It was a fun challenge to try to cover a Beatles song, and then mix it to sound modern yet true to the Beatles old school tape sound. Cory Chisel is an amazing musician you should check out. The other session was Steve Greenberg of Lipps, Inc. who produced and wrote the famous hit Funkytown. Him and I were working on the stems from Funkytown to port over to the video game JAM. It was cool to hear his stories of having a major hit song. The video game really exposed me to some great artists. It’s been awesome getting stems from Universal and Sony engineers and then hearing things like Big Boi of Outkast before a vocal take saying, “(yawn), just another day in the dungeon” before laying down lyrics to a multiplatinum hit.

UG: What are a few things on your bucket list?

JR: Writing a book

Continue the food garden in my yard

Producing a Last Triumph vinyl

More mobile apps coming

Promoting JAM

Community, bringing people together always.

UG: You’re one of the few promoters left to embody the entire hip-hop culture at live shows, what can people expect from a Last Triumph event?

JR: Whether it’s a Last Triumph or affiliated hiphop, indie rock, electronic, rave or acoustic event, you can expect vibrant energy, organized and fairly traded transactions between artists and promoters, live art, video game booths, anything to provide good times for people who come out.

UG: Do you have a fan club, or street team type of group where the fans can do more hands on promotion?

JR: Yes, with social networking it’s nothing for someone to click “share” to a new LT release and share it with hundreds of their friends or followers. Pretty much every person in our crew is a street teamer, you can’t just sit on Facebook and promote.

UG: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

JR: I am going to continue this path and see what happens. As long as I work hard enough to sustain, eat good food, create my art, and show it to some people…I am happy.

UG: How can people keep up with your label for releases and tour dates, or to contact you?

Last Triumph- Web. FB. @lasttriumph. Pinterest.

Zivix- Web.

JAM- Web. FB. @JamMusicArcade

UG: Last but not least, what is your advice for young kids out there, looking for their big creative break?

JR: Set goals and dream about your destination, but have fun along the way, the journey. Do what you do naturally by working hard and making good honest decisions, it will come.

An interview with Tavonte Woods, a rapper who’s Underage and Underrated.

Tavonte Woods is a talented rapper from Minneapolis who is balancing a life of high school, and becoming a buzz building artist. His youtube videos have been growing more and more popular and his first mixtape featured Tyga. He’s got the mentality of an artist, and the skill to back it up. Read the interview with Minnesota’s next up here:

UG: When did you first get involved in making music?

TW: It was around like 7th grade when I actually started writing rhymes, it was nothing serious just fun. But my freshmen year I actually started recording at professional studios after I joined the dance/music group called the Backpack Kidz.

UG: Who has been your biggest inspiration as an artist?

TW: Kanye, Big Motivator, & im a huge fan of his music

UG: Your first mixtape “Tatted with my mic” was just released a few months ago, what songs are you most proud of from it?

TW: That mixtape was threw together quick, it was really just me showing people I can spit. I wrote & recorded those songs to other artists in the industrys beats. I like Dedication, When I’m Gone, Headlines, & House Party.

UG: Who is your dream collaboration?

TW: I’ll have to say Nas, that dude’s a legend! Still killin’ shit!

UG: What is it like trying to balance life as a musician, and life as a high schooler?

TW: Its kind of hard, I’d rather do some kind of home school or something, because I stay up late writing! It makes it hard for me to keep up with school…

UG: As an artist, what do you want to accomplish before you’re 18?

TW: I want to build the biggest fan base an unsigned artist ever had, keep making songs & videos that keep the fans satisfied.

UG: Being a young dude doing his thing, what is your advice to younger kids trying to breakout on the rap scene?

TW: You just gotta be yourself man, speak what you’re living, just let it out truthfully keep it REAL!

UG: Do you have any sponsorships you wanna give a shout out to?

TW: Middle child, Victims of Culture, SpaceHeads, & Miami Social Club

UG: If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

TW: I just wanna show how real life is man. Speak what real people go through now a days, those out there grinding through the struggle, and dreaming BIG are the ones that will relate to my kind of music. I want people to get inspired by my music to push theirselves to achieve whatever their dreaming to do to make their life LUXURY.

UG: Do you have any new projects in the works we can look out for soon?

TW: Yes, I have a lot of stuff I’ve been working on. I’m going to be doing a few new videos this month!

UG: How can the fans stay updated on your releases and concert dates?

TW: @TavonteWoods on twitter!

Check out “Burn One” by Tavonte Woods ft. JonRay. If you live in the cities catch him performing live w/Tyga on the Careless World Tour.

Follow @TavonteWoods on twitter to keep up with him for new music and concert dates!

Like uglegends on FB for updates and more music!

Free music Friday!

Hello hello hello! Friday’s almost over so this post is kinda misleading.. Oh well. Enjoy the free music! Including leaks from the highly anticipated OnePlusOne album, an insanely good collaboration, a new video from an underground heavyweight and a new video from one of the next up!

OnePlusOne ft. Legend Has It & JL Magee – “Ice”

Homeless ft. G Dot, Prod. by Ganzobean – “The World Is In An Uproar, Ro, Ro, Roar”

Rocky Diamonds – “Blind Sex” (Download The Diamond Life)

Kelo ft. Ethio Boy – “Dreamin'”