Carnage’s Dedication to Eyedea

Carnage The Executioner made a music video for his re-creation of the song “Star Destroyer” from the classic Eyedea & Abilities album “E&A“. The original version featured Carnage on the second verse. This song and video were recorded and created over a 4-day period in November 2011 both in dedication to the late, great Hip-Hop icon Micheal Larsen (Eyedea), and in celebration of his birthday (hence the amended title “Heaven’s Gate 11-9-11”).  The entire song was re-created by Carnage The Executioner: All lyrics and vocal scratches were performed by Carnage. The music/beat was entirely beat boxed – the only instruments used were a tambourine and woodblocks.


Do you have Juice?

Money Mouth just dropped this music video shot by the powerhouse MN based production company 13twentythree. This video is for Money Mouth’s first single “Juice”  which is off of his new mixtape, titled The Juice. When these two team up, greatness is always the result. Look out for more from Money Mouth and 13twentythree.

Goin’ 4 Broke

Orikal Uno teams up with DJ Arkitekt for this song “Goin’ 4 Broke”. Orikal Uno rides the slightly jazzy yet new school fast tempo beat like a surfer riding a wave. The beat alone is a great fusion of old soul mixed with new soul and Orikal Uno sounds hungry with his lyrics. All in all a fantastic song. Download/Listen here: \”Goin 4 Broke\”