New Prof and Stophouse merchandise

I know this isn’t a download or video or anything like that (that will come later tonight) but Prof and the dudes over at Stophouse just publicly announced their new webstore where you can purchase brand new Prof t-shirts, a brand new sweatshirt from Holly Hoodz, and his past CD’s. Don’t wait until everything is sold out, because you will be one sad gampo. No one likes a sad gampo.


New video Tuesday! With Stophouse and Rhymesayers!

Two of the best known, most respected labels in the metro area just released music videos. RSE dropped I Self Devine’s “Sweat Equity” off his new mixtape “L.A. State Of Mind” (which you can conveniently download here) and Stophouse dropped Prof’s “Gampo” off of his album “King Gampo” (which if you’ve been hiding under a rock and haven’t downloaded yet, you can download here)

I Self Devine – Sweat Equity:

Prof – Gampo: