Nickelodeon Era Kids, This One is Dedicated to You.

If you grew up in the 90’s as a latchkey kid like myself, you probably learned vital life lessons from either TeenNick, Snick or any other various Nickelodeon programming blocks. Shows like Catdog and Pete and Pete taught us about the importance of friendship, while shows like Hey Arnold! and Rurgats taught us rights from wrongs. Ahh! Real Monsters showed us acceptance of all, and Doug gave us a moral compass that couldn’t steer us wrong. All That was the musical hub of Nickelodeon with a theme song from TLC and performances from everyone who was anyone in the 90’s. And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to shows.. There’s not a network out there like it’s kind during the time. This post is meant to sprinkle a little nostalgia into your hump-day, and make you remember simpler times when the big question was: who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda. Below are songs that have been remixed, remade, and freestyle with the topic of Nickelodeon nostalgia. Enjoy.

To kick it off, we have the original N-n-n-n-n-nii-niick-nick-nick-nickelodeon theme remixed:

“Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society” is the perfect way to start off an ode to the once beloved channel:

This video was probably part of the push that ended with Nickelodeon’s re-formatting of programs to include a block of 90’s era shows. And the mash-ups with the characters is pretty well done:

Guys from a Nickelodeon show freestyling (only reason I’m allowing this on here is because they name drop Minnesota):

This one probably includes the most references, definitely the most visual ones:

Auto-tuned hip-hip song about Timmy Turner and The Fairly Odd Parents:

This one was circulated quite a bit, but I really enjoy thinking of Chris Brown’s face as Spongebob’s:

A freestyle about Nickelodeon, A+ efforts for the use of Slime in this video:

Probably the most creative one I found, not sure why this or any of their videos don’t have more views. Homeless Heroes are a group that receive topics from viewers, than simultaneously (at least for the viewers-sake) rap about it/paint it. Very cool stuff, here was their tribute to Hey Arnold!:

One of the best theme songs for a TV show of all time:

Last but not least, the best theme song for a TV show of all time:



3flection – Hooked

Another artist who sent me a submission via e-mail, I really enjoy this one. There’s a pretty deep message in there about big-oil. Here’s the press release they sent:

3flection and F5 Entertainment would like to send you their new politically-charged music video: “Hooked.”   “Hooked” is a hip hop video that makes a major statement against “Big Oil” and American oil consumption using the analogy of a violent drug addict that is ruining not only his own life, but the lives of others around him.  Filmed in St. Paul MN, the video is a gritty representation of an issue that the artists feel is plaguing the country.   The track is produced by hit-maker Sean Divine, and is an entry for his video contest.

3flection is a Wisconsin transplant who now calls the booming Twin Cities hip hop scene his own.  His thought-provoking and honest lyrical style draws comparisons to artists such as Atmosphere, Macklemore, and Grieves, and his high energy performances have been garnering him plenty attention over the past year.   3flection’s latest project, “The Best Intentions EP” was released for free in March 2012, and he is preparing to release a new solo project entitled “Doses of Reality” this summer.

F5 Entertainment is an independent video production company located in Eau Claire, WI.  The company brings Hollywood style video to the Midwest, and their work has not gone unnoticed: the last three F5-produced videos have surpassed 40,000 views.

This video has surpassed 626,000. Watch it below:

You can download the song “Hooked” at 3flection’s soundcloud page, and download his previous albums for free via his website. Also you can follow him on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated. You can watch more of F5’s videos via their website, and follow them on facebook or twitter.

Hurricane J

So I received a few e-mails from people for video/music submissions which, let me start off by saying: thank you who’ve sent ones. This makes my job easier, and exposes us to new artists. I respect the hustle on a professional note!

This kid Hurricane J shot me an e-mail with a couple songs that led me to his latest mixtape “Lost Thoughts” with production credits from 9th Wonder, Logik, Nugget, GB and nWDvD. Though the sound quality isn’t crystal clear he has raw talent. He’s only 15 years old, hails from New Jersey, and he can clearly communicate his dreams, desires, and worries. Looking forward to hearing him grow and progress his sound. You can stream his mixtape “Lost Thoughts” below. My personal favorites were “The Intro”, “P&P Remix”, and “On My Mind”.

New Prof and Stophouse merchandise

I know this isn’t a download or video or anything like that (that will come later tonight) but Prof and the dudes over at Stophouse just publicly announced their new webstore where you can purchase brand new Prof t-shirts, a brand new sweatshirt from Holly Hoodz, and his past CD’s. Don’t wait until everything is sold out, because you will be one sad gampo. No one likes a sad gampo.

Ecid – 100 Smiles and Runnin’

Courtesy of Fill in the Breaks, crew member and dope MC Ecid is doing something special for the fans. For a limited time (until July 4th) you can download his album “100 Smiles and Runnin'” for free. You can also support him by purchasing the physical album along with a t-shirt, win-win if you ask me. Stream “100 Smiles and Runnin'” below and you can decide:

MaLLy ft. K.Raydio – Good One

Who said you can’t have your cake and it eat too? MaLLy begs that question with his new video which takes a creative look into what goes into being a rapper with growing potential.

This song is from his latest album “The Last Great” and features K.Raydio and production from The Sundance Kid.

You can buy a physical copy of “The Last Great” from Fifth Element. Or stream/download it here: