Hurricane J

So I received a few e-mails from people for video/music submissions which, let me start off by saying: thank you who’ve sent ones. This makes my job easier, and exposes us to new artists. I respect the hustle on a professional note!

This kid Hurricane J shot me an e-mail with a couple songs that led me to his latest mixtape “Lost Thoughts” with production credits from 9th Wonder, Logik, Nugget, GB and nWDvD. Though the sound quality isn’t crystal clear he has raw talent. He’s only 15 years old, hails from New Jersey, and he can clearly communicate his dreams, desires, and worries. Looking forward to hearing him grow and progress his sound. You can stream his mixtape “Lost Thoughts” below. My personal favorites were “The Intro”, “P&P Remix”, and “On My Mind”.