The Valentines Day list for lovers and bitter exes.

When it comes to the holiday of love it seems like musicians have a lot to say. Last year, I compiled a list of songs and videos artists released for Valentines day. This year it seems that everyone went through even more sh*t and made even more music. Some fell in love, some got over exes, and some were just plain bitter. Regardless of where you stand on the hallmark created lovefest, there’s something for you in this compilation. Enjoy, and please, don’t drunk dial tonight.


Brother Ali’s “Bite Marked Heart” Free EP



Estelle – “Thank You”


Ganzobean – “My Heart Is Yours”


The Weeknd – “Echoes of Silence“, “House of Balloons“, and “Thursday

(These are all older, but they are all perfect Valentines day soundtracks)



Phresh James – “Universal Lve Period



Too Short made a video for all those players out there who don’t know how to handle their multiple dates:


Radical Something – “Valentine (Cut Me Loose)”:

That boy MaLLy

If you haven’t heard him yet, it’s time to get acquainted. He’s one of the hardest working class rappers in Minnesota, and now the fruits of his labor are starting to pay off. He was invited to perform at Soundset last year, Slug even showed him some love by wearing a MaLLy T-shirt while doing the closing set. After his impressive performance and professional demeanor, he was asked to join the second installment of the Welcome to MN tour. This dude is going nowhere but up. Check out his new music video from one of my favorite MaLLY tracks “Cloud Culture” below, and make sure to download his latest mixtape “Free On The 15th” below for free as well.


KidKing and AceSo, Chicago’s Sickest

‘So Sick’, a music video from KidKing and AceSo, puts a staple in the Chicago music scene. KidKing a driven artist from Chicago demonstrates in the video that his bars are unmatchable to any upcoming artist. AceSo and KidKing drop punch lines such as “Number 1, just cause we the shit don’t make us number 2” that leave the listener no choice but to remember this artist. KidKing and AceSo members of Chicago’s SICKLIFE prove that they are a group that needs more attention for all the talent and potential each member has. “So Sick” will be released on KidKing’s mixtape, “King of the Jungle” and AceSo’s mixtape, “Minimum Wage Millionaire.” KidKing will also be featured on the mixtape dropping by Chicago production group, The Odd Couple, which features Emilio Rojas, Laws, Mikkey Halsted, and a handful of others. Follow KidKing for more information on future tracks.

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