A month’s worth of recapping.

So apparently I follow this trend of creating lots and lots of interviews, lists and posts at one sporadic time. This tends to mean I (or in this case, you the reader) miss out on lots of releases, videos and all kinds of good stuff. This post offers an apology for those gaps of time and also a compilation of some of the best stuff you may have missed in the last month. Thanks for reading, or subscribing if you do and thanks even more for your patience!

Guante ft. Graham O’brien – “This is the opposite of a suicide note remix”

Minneapolis-based hip hop artist, 2-time National Poetry Slam champion, activist and educator GUANTE teams up with drummer and producer GRAHAM O’BRIEN (of No Bird Sing, Prey for Paralysis, Junkyard Empire) for this remix of one of Guante’s most memorable songs.

“This is the Opposite of a Suicide Note” is a war cry, a manifesto, an acknowledgement that as bad as things can get, there is always hope and power in community.

Guante & Big Cats! will release “You Better Weaponize” in Fall 2012.  Guante’s next show is at the Cedar Cultural Center on July 26, part of the Cedar’s “Cedar Outdoors” series. Graham O’Brien is currently writing, producing and performing on a number of projects, including the follow-up to his 2011 solo release “Live Drums” and the 3rd album from No Bird Sing. In addition, he and audio engineer Adam Krinsky have teamed up to build and open “Bellows,” a new recording and mixing studio in downtown St. Paul.  Graham is performing next at St. Paul’s “Music In Mears” with No Bird Sing on August 9 at Mears Park in St. Paul.


3flection – “Rejuvenation”

“Rejuvenation” is the lead single off of 3flection’s next EP “Doses Of Reality” which will be available for free on July 30, 2012. Video by F5 Entertainment, beat by hala-X.



Aer – “Floats My Boat”


Sab the Artist ft. Ganzobean – “Love Is In The Air”

Here’s the first track from Love Is In Air 2 titled “Love Is In The Air”. Written and performed by Sab The Artist. Produced by Ganzobean.


Trouble B – “On My Way To Mars”


Aesop Rock – “ZZZ Top”

Directed by Pete Lee
Produced by Lizzie Rose
Exec Prod: Aesop Rock
Dir. of Photography: Drew Daniels
Sound Design: Matteo Grilli
Starring Aesop Rock + Hao Zhi Hua aka Patti Li,
Zumbi, Dennis Ruel, Edward Kahana, Vlad Rimburg, Lucas Okuma, Alvin Hsing, Bryan Cartago


Exxe – “The Broke & Gifted”


The Tribe and Big Cats – “Space”

<iframe width=”100%” height=”450″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” src=”http://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Fplaylists%2F2207711&show_artwork=true”&gt;


Kool Keith – “Goodbye Rap”


Errol ft. Engineers In Your Ears – “Utopiugly”


Hurricane J – “Out of Place”


Papa J – “Props To The Mob”

With the release of his mixtape “Life As I Know It” right around the corner, Papa J. brings his fourth official music video since joining The Movement. His lyrical word play continues to set the bar for the modern day MC, keep an eye out on his mixtape dropping real soon!


Homeless ft. K.Raydio – “Get Gone”


Yonas – “The Transition”


Chris Goodwin – “Night Owl EP”

Instrumental EP from uglegends FB contributor Chris Goodwin. This man knows good music.


OnePlusOne (a.k.a. Dispute-One and Orikal Uno) – “Homework Volume 1”

OnePlusOne presents: Homework Volume One

The long awaited mix-tape from Dispute One and Orikal Uno. Mixed and blended by D’Jo of Slipmats Radio


I’m sure there’s plenty of stuff I missed so feel free to add in the comments or e-mail me! Lot’s more coming today so heads up for subscribers, your inbox is going to be blown up.

Carnage’s Dedication to Eyedea

Carnage The Executioner made a music video for his re-creation of the song “Star Destroyer” from the classic Eyedea & Abilities album “E&A“. The original version featured Carnage on the second verse. This song and video were recorded and created over a 4-day period in November 2011 both in dedication to the late, great Hip-Hop icon Micheal Larsen (Eyedea), and in celebration of his birthday (hence the amended title “Heaven’s Gate 11-9-11”).  The entire song was re-created by Carnage The Executioner: All lyrics and vocal scratches were performed by Carnage. The music/beat was entirely beat boxed – the only instruments used were a tambourine and woodblocks.


“Otis” freestyles

So, I’ve noticed a ridiculous amount remakes of Kanye West and Jay-Z’s “Otis”, some great, some horrible. Vote on your favorite or leave a comment on your thoughts below.

Riff Raff (you may have heard him on Prof’s “King Gampo” album”)

Justin Bieber (this isn’t a joke, and unfortunately, he’s better than I expected)

J.Cole (listen to the sideline story if you haven’t!)


Persia (she was on Vh1’s white rapper show)

Political Peak

Tinie Tempah

Busta Rhymes AND DMX (yes.)

Evan Lopez

Ne-Yo (he decided to rap)

2pac rose from the dead for this one!


Vote here:

That boy MaLLy

If you haven’t heard him yet, it’s time to get acquainted. He’s one of the hardest working class rappers in Minnesota, and now the fruits of his labor are starting to pay off. He was invited to perform at Soundset last year, Slug even showed him some love by wearing a MaLLy T-shirt while doing the closing set. After his impressive performance and professional demeanor, he was asked to join the second installment of the Welcome to MN tour. This dude is going nowhere but up. Check out his new music video from one of my favorite MaLLY tracks “Cloud Culture” below, and make sure to download his latest mixtape “Free On The 15th” below for free as well.


KidKing and AceSo, Chicago’s Sickest

‘So Sick’, a music video from KidKing and AceSo, puts a staple in the Chicago music scene. KidKing a driven artist from Chicago demonstrates in the video that his bars are unmatchable to any upcoming artist. AceSo and KidKing drop punch lines such as “Number 1, just cause we the shit don’t make us number 2” that leave the listener no choice but to remember this artist. KidKing and AceSo members of Chicago’s SICKLIFE prove that they are a group that needs more attention for all the talent and potential each member has. “So Sick” will be released on KidKing’s mixtape, “King of the Jungle” and AceSo’s mixtape, “Minimum Wage Millionaire.” KidKing will also be featured on the mixtape dropping by Chicago production group, The Odd Couple, which features Emilio Rojas, Laws, Mikkey Halsted, and a handful of others. Follow KidKing for more information on future tracks.

 Download the MP3 here


Follow KidKing on Twitter @KidKingMusicSL

Follow AceSo on Twitter  @Acesoloco_SL


KidKing Official Website-   http://kidkingtmsb.blogspot.com/


If you would like more information about KidKing or desire to schedule an interview or book a show, please contact kidkingmusic@gmail.com